Our services include:

1) Watch Batteries

“Making sure your watch battery is fitted correctly with a good quality battery is a simple yet vital part of maintaining your timepiece.”

Our trained technicians are qualified to fit watch batteries to most quartz watches and are able to reseal your watch for water resistance and to ensure it remains dust proof and contaminant free. We use Renata Swiss Batteries and all our watch batteries are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of fitting.

2) Movement Repairs

“Replacing your Quartz watch movement is often a simple and cost effective repair option”

Quartz watch movements are often exchanged for brand new movements as a more cost effective option than servicing. The replacement module is an exact replacement of the original movement or an updated movement where required. All our module exchanges come with a 12 month warranty and your watch case and bracelet will be cleaned as part of the service.

3) Watch Servicing & Restoration

“We specialize in Watch Repair & Restoration and this includes vintage mechanical watches, automatic timepieces and pocket watches. “

Our trained technicians will completely strip down the watch and all components are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned of their old lubricating oils. Each part is then checked, scrutinised and any worn parts are repaired or replaced. The movement is then built back up, re-lubricated with the correct oils and regulated to be as accurate as possible. Finally the watch is resealed and valeted by both machine and hand polishing. This means that at completion, each timepiece is not just mechanically sound on the inside but looks fantastic on the outside.

4) Clock Repair & Restoration

“Clock repairs and restoration is a skill which is gained through years of experience. Every clock is handled by our Head Clock Repairer, Tony who personally oversees every restoration.”

The restoration and repair process begins with a detailed inspection of the clock from our trained technicians. The clock movement is completely disassembled and each part is meticulously cleaned in a specialist cleaning machine. Larger parts are then cleaned and polished by hand before the mechanism is reassembled with clean oils. The clock is then regulated and undergoes a rigorous test period. Clock cases are cleaned using the best cleaning products available on the market ensuring that each clock leaves the workshop immaculate.


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